Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Weasels Den

Here is the only place on base you can take the kids to play year round. It's a huge hangar with playground equipment, an indoor soccer field, batting cages, a gaming area and waaay far at the other end the Outdoor Rec "office", where you can pay for sporting trips such as skiing, camping and various other outdoor activities. There is a store down there too where you can buy some equipment or rent if you like.

The indoor soccer field becomes a roller skating rink on Thursday nights. Brendan and Jenna tried it for the first time this month, unfortunately I didn't bring my camera that night.

The red "barn" area is a space you can rent for parties, there's a bunch of tables and benches and a fridge.

This is the tree fort. The kids can climb up inside and slide down the slide. Or hang out in there, today someone's little girl had a bottle of bubbles up there, and the kids were just popping bubbles and having fun.

You can almost see Jenna running in this picture, she's behind the boy on the right with the striped shirt, it's not easy to track a running child in a poor photo lighting scenario.

Here is some of the playground equipment, In the first picture I was standing up on the bridge of this structure. The boy in the front of the photo is Colton, one of Brendan's best friends from his soccer team.


The LaVoys said...

Wow, that looks awesome! You guys don't seem to be lacking in things to do there:) Give the kids hugs and kisses for us!

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun for the kids. It will be nice that they are older and you can kinda let them go a little. Loved the soccer pics you sent as well. Thanks for keeping in touch. Love, Aunt Teri