Friday, April 10, 2009

It was very windy here today, so the kids and I tried out these mini kites we bought last year, but never had good enough wind to try.
They worked alright, but I think regular kites will be better.

Brendan's is an airplane, Jenna's is a butterfly.

All smiles!

We went to McDonalds for lunch, I have yet to work up the courage to try the Shrimp Burger.
Here are some items we found shopping off base. Most of you know about the tea parties I have.
I just thought this bike was funny, the "Tea Cup"

I gotta have it!! Lol

Another shot of the bike.
This is cheese folks, yes you see right, blueberry cheese...

"Candy" Cheese!

I'm really curious to try this one!

(and a little scared)

I'm not sure what this is, but it was with other "sweets" in the bakery section, and I'm determined to try lots of new things here.


Anonymous said...

It looks like your family is settling in. I sent your blog site on to some of the relatives. I know they will be happy to share your experience in Japan as well. Love, Aunt Teri :-)

The LaVoys said...

A shrimp burger, blueberry cheese, and cheese candy... none of those things should go together!